Asia presents a huge market for many New Zealand industries, but natural nutrition has the chance to be among the most successful.

Over the past few years, we are in partnership with New Zealand universities and we provide funding and commercial expertise to research and development projects.

We focus on taking naturally occurring or harvestable materials from the sea around New Zealand that have therapeutic qualities, and processing them into remedies, with no artificial ingredients added. Our vision is to use powerful, natural products for a short-term health “fix” and long-term benefits. Please visit for more information.

These are exciting times for our research partners and our company.

We are currently working on a new and significant initiative. The development involves Greenshell Mussel (GSM) – Fucoidan product. Fucoidan is extracted from seaweed (Undaria pinnatifida). Combining Fucoidan with GSM’s bioactive compounds.

We will scientifically validate its health benefits relating to anti-inflammatory properties, immune stimulation, and glycaemic control in people with pre-diabetes or experiencing joint pain. The research team is led by a group of health specialists from Auckland University of Technology, the University of Auckland, and a food science expert from the National University of Singapore.

The project, which obtained a governmental research grant from High Value Nutrition (HVN, will produce the functional food product needed for the clinical study.

Patents: Science and joint health.

If you are looking for a strategic partner for your future clean food or nutritional projects, talk to us today.